About JMN Transportation

About JMN Transportation

JMN is a national leader in the automotive transport industry.

The JMN brand is known for building a culture of leaders that are experienced and empowered to provide value to our customers and to the company.

Today, many logistics companies are owned by institutions or venture capitalists who only know the numbers. JMN is family owned and operated by Jon Michael Nuckolls. As a 3rd generation “Car Guy”, Jon has gained extensive experience in all facets of the auto industry. Every step of the way, Jon truly understands his customers and that the JMN family makes the difference, not just the bottom line.

The company is poised for growth in 2020 and beyond as they recently placed the largest order for equipment in its 70-year history. With this commitment to the industry and growth plans, Jon and the JMN Family invite you to consider joining the team.

Please contact JMN if you are looking for more than just your next “job”. JMN is always looking for talented, family orientated members to join our lucrative team.


The Team at JMN